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Informed Investing Is Profitable Investing

Knowledge is the foundation of every investing decision you make, which is why EQUITY MARK dedicates a significant portion of its efforts to providing educational resources. The truth is, the investment world can seem overly complicated, particularly if you're new to trading—in fact, that's part of Wall Street's mystique. We're here to bust the myths and give you the details you need, without bogging you down in too much information.

Self-Guided Education

EQUITY MARK's educational offerings are based on the concept that you know best what you need to know. Our self-guided curriculum allows you to choose the educational segments that interest you most, whether it's "how to" information to get you started or advanced content that takes your skills to the next level.

The end result? You can make smarter investing decisions, and trade with more confidence.

Trading Basics

Just getting started in stocks or interested in expanding your knowledge?

Here are a few Investopedia links that offer definitions and explanations about the stock market and how it works:

What Are Stocks?

You’ve probably heard a stock defined as a share in the ownership of a company…but there’s a lot more to it than that! Learn more >

Different Types Of Stocks

How to understand the differences between common stock and preferred stock. Learn more >

How Stocks Trade

The stock market isn’t just a single entity—there are numerous exchanges in the US and around the globe. Learn more >

Trading Stocks and Order Types

When buying and selling, your choices include market, limit, and stop orders, as well as margin trades and short selling. Learn more >

Bulls, Bears & Market Sentiment

Markets rise, fall, and stay flat. Here’s how to tell the risks and opportunities presented by each type of condition. Learn more >

How to Read A Stock Table/Quote

Looking at stock quotes can seem like a foreign language…until you know the meaning behind the metrics. Learn more >

Valuing Stocks

Supply and demand are the main factors in a stock’s price, but investor sentiment and expectations also play a role. Learn more >

Stock Ratings

How much weight should you put on analysts' "buy", "hold" and "sell" opinions about potential investments? Learn more >

Your Dedicated Experts

The EQUITY MARK team works on your behalf, 24-7, to bring you the insights to outperform in today's markets. We've assembled a roster of outstanding analysts, researchers, tech gurus, and communications pros to ensure you're getting the information you need.

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